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Americana showcases art in recent auction
By Karin Milliman

GRAND LEDGE, Mich. — Auctioneer Glen Rairigh of Americana Auctions, Inc., has a different approach to auctioneering than others do.

“The auction market isn’t what it used to be, so I try to have some things that people haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in a long time,” said Rairigh. “This auction is heavy on the art and it has some Oriental items. I try to keep the items down to around 300 lots so people don’t lose interest. And I don’t mind educating my bidders to help them out,” he said. “The seller is releasing to me what they think are great things and the buyers are looking for great things to take home. So, I try to pick and choose and always have decent stuff for both sides,” Rairigh explained. He is obviously working for the seller and he wants to keep his buyers happy too, so a variety of nice items with a great dynamic auction is key.

This auction had some art aficionados that aren’t afraid to spend good money for good pieces like a signed H. Hamilton 30 by 50-inch oil on canvas that had been in the Blom family for 100 years. This painting brought a high bid of $850.

A mid-century modern acrylic on canvas painting signed in the lower left by artist VanderLaan also crossed the block. This painting measured 24 by 36-inches plus the frame. It took a high bid of $325.

Painted in 1873, “Cupid and Psyche,” an oil on canvas was mastered by German artist August H. Riedel; it sold for an impressive $550.

Also in the art category were French bronze pieces. A “Great Athlete” piece, it stood on a lacquered base. Dating somewhere around 1880, this statue sold for $350.

Another French bronze dating around 1890, was attributed to Mathurin Moreau. It was 14-inches tall and had some minor shoulder restoration on the lady. It brought a final bid price of $275.

A Japanese bronze incense burner “Sage on Buffalo” stand dated around 1760 had documentation with it to prove its authenticity. The buffalo attracted several bidders and it took a high bid of $250.

Another Japanese bronze crossed the block; it had a gourd-form vase and a praying mantis for decoration. This one came with a certificate of authenticity and was dated 1830. It sold for $225.

Furniture was lined up in a grand parade on the outside walls of the room during this auction. A unique stacking bookcase with sliding glass doors took a high bid of $425.

Making an outstanding display, a curved-glass front china cabinet with side carvings opened at $300, but it took $500.

Some smaller pieces of furniture were opened up with the bidding, starting at only $50. A quarter-sawn lamp table with lion-head corner carvings made the hammer fall at the bid price of $145. A quarter-sawn oak library table with a drawer sold for $150.

An antique, highly carved corner chair had some impressive carved griffin decorations. This fancy piece sold for the bid of $135.

Some unusual glassware was offered up for sale. A blown and decorated glass inkwell took a bid price of $155.

A cranberry Victorian epergne attracted bidding attention. The piece was in immaculate condition and dated 1880s. A Stevens & Williams seven-trumpet piece, it sold for the final bid price of $300.

A Deldare Ware “The Fallowfield Hunt” sold for an impressive $195. A matching Deldare Ware cup and saucer sold for $150.

A two-tone English cider jug was in great condition and it sold for $65. A Red Wing pottery feeder was quickly put away for a $55 bid, while a four-gallon pottery churn with cobalt markings sold for $130.

Phoenix art glass was represented with a signed pair of trumpet vases. They were signed by Carl Radke and were a bluish green in color. These tiny pieces brought a rather large bid of $175.

A swirled French glass and marble perfume vanity set brought a bid of $95. The set had four tiny bottles and the brilliant blue contrasted nicely with the white base.

There weren’t many toys to pick from at this auction, however, an antique Steiff pull-toy was in demand. This adorable dog came complete with a photo of its original owner. It had obviously been played with, but was still in pretty good shape. With a face you just had to love, this dog sold for a bid of $195.

An antique straw-filled terrier with shoe-button eyes and a black tail and ear sold for $85. A straw-filled rabbit was attributed to Baer and sold for $150.

A vintage wooden navy-themed writing and letter box brought a bid of $120.

A grouping of Colt conversation-piece pistols was sold. A black powder revolving barrel pistol sold for $125, while a black powder “duck foot” pistol brought the highest price of $175. A pistol with a rod was sold for $70 and a derringer pistol with an octagon barrel sold for $105.

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