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Stanton conducts music machine auction
HASTINGS, Mich. — Stanton’s Auctioneers conducted their second major specialized auction of the year, of antique music boxes, phonographs and related music machines on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15-17.

The auction brought buyers to the event from 15 states and Canada, and included off-site participants from Japan, China, and Europe.

The auction produced more than 1,200 lots coming from many fine collections, estates, private accumulation and museums. The machines being sold came from California, to the East Coast, Florida, Texas, the Midwest and nearly everywhere in between.

A rare Edison doll with the correct motor that was engraved with the Edison Company information brought $12,100. A fine interchangeable cylinder organ music box with matching table and six cylinders, drum and bells sold for $12,100. It had been in the same family for three generations.

A Regina 15 1/2 inch automatic changer disc music box with clock top sold for $15,400, and a similar example without the clock brought $7,700. A Reginaphone Style 240 combination music box and phonograph with lion heads brought $4,750.

A Circassian Walnut Victrola VV-XIV floor model phonograph $4,400.

A rare 1899 Columbia Graphophone Toy phonograph (missing the horn) sold for $5,500, while an Edison “School” Opera phonograph brought $9,075. This was only the second complete example of this machine Stanton’s has seen in 40 years. A Victor D fancy case disc phonograph with oak horn played to $3,400, while a rare mahogany round (full-barrel) cylinder record cabinet climbed to $6,875.

A Reginaphone 12 1/4 inch disc console model combination music box and phonograph in a serpentine case sold for $6,325. Only 58 of this model were ever made. A Berliner ratchet wind disc phonograph sold for $13,000 and a Kalliope Upright music box playing a 20 5/8 inch disc with 12 saucer bells brought $4,950.

An Edison coin-operated phonographs sold with an Excelsior model bringing $9,900 and an Edison Bijou sold for the same price. A Columbia Graphophone Grand, a rare model, sold for $4,950, while a Mill’s Violano Virtuoso in need of mechanical repair sold for $7,700.

A Symphonion 255T hall clock with a disc music box that played on the hour sold for $6,600 with the case needing to be repaired. A handwind Berliner Gramophone sold for $6,050 with replaced parts, while a rare Berliner Gramophone “Montross” disc machine sold for $8,250. The Capital Cuff Music Box, Model C made by the F.G. Otto company sold for $4,620; and a rare Columbia treadle operated record shaving machine sold for $7,700.

Auctioneer Steven E. Stanton said nearly $600,000 worth of machines crossed the block during the three-day event. The firm has already begun work on its spring event that will be held in April. For information or questions, call Steven E. Stanton, Stanton’s Auctioneers, 144 S. Main, P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Michigan 49096. (517) 726-0181 office, (517) 331-8150 cellular, Email, or online at